Shanghai Lesson resources

Below you will find copies of the lessons, worksheets and homework tasks delivered by Mr He and Ms Huang during their time at Harris Academy South Norwood and Harris Academy Beckenham. The topics covered are:

  1. Fractions
  2. Calculations
  3. Figures

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For individual files please see below:


Lesson 1 – Fractions and Division

Powerpoint lesson: Lesson 1 Fractions and Division

Worksheet: Lesson 1 Fractions and Division Worksheet

Lesson 2 – The Basic Principal of Fractions (Equivalent Fractions)

Powerpoint lesson: Lesson 2 The basic property of fractions

Circle template: Lesson 2 Circle template

Worksheet: Lesson 2 The basic property of fractions Worksheet

Homework: The property of fractions(homework)

Lesson 3 – Simplifying Fractions

Powerpoint lesson: Lesson 3 – Simplifying Fractions

Worksheet: Simplifying Fractions

Lesson 4 – Common Denominators

Powerpoint lesson: reduce fractions to common denominator

Worksheet: reduce fractions to a common denominator(work sheet)

Homework: reduce fractions to a common denominator(homework)

Lesson 5 – Multiplying Fractions

Powerpoint lesson: Multiplying fractions

Homework: Fractions Multiply by Fractions (Homework)

Lesson 6 – Reciprocal Fractions

Powerpoint lesson: Reciprocal

Worksheet: Reciprocal (worksheet)

Teaching Plan: Reciprocal (teaching plan)


Lesson 1 – The Commutative Law

Powerpoint lesson: Commutative law

Worksheet: Commutative law worksheet

Lesson 2 – The Associative Law

Powerpoint lesson:Lesson 2 Associative law

Worksheet: Lesson 2 associative law (worksheet)

Lesson 3 – The Distributive Law

Powerpoint Lesson: distributive law of multiplication

Worksheet: distributive law of multiplication (worksheet)

Lesson 4 – The Distributive Law 2

Powerpoint: distributive law 2

Worksheet: distributive law 2(worksheet)

Homework: distributive law 2(homework)

Lesson 5 – Properties of Division

Powerpoint: The properties of the division operation

Worksheet: The properties of the division operation worksheet

Homework: The properties of the division operation homework

Lesson 6 – Simple Calculations

Powerpoint: simple calculation

Worksheet: simple calculation worksheet

Lesson 7 – Application of Laws

Powerpoint: The application of the laws of operation (FINAL)

Worksheet: The application of the laws of operation (worksheet)

Teaching Plan: The application of the laws of operation Lesson Plan


Lesson 1 – Perpendicular Lines

Powerpoint: perpendicular

Worksheet: perpendicular

Lesson 2 – Drawing Perpendicular Lines

Powerpoint: Drawing perpendicular lines

Worksheet: Drawing perpendicular lines (Worksheet)

Lesson 3 – Compound Shapes

Powerpoint: Compound Shapes

Worksheet: Compound Shapes (Worksheet)

Lesson 4 – Parallelograms

Powerpoint: Parallelogram

Worksheet: Parallelogram

Lesson 5 – Area of Parallelograms

Powerpoint: The base and the height of the Parallelogram

Worksheet: The base and the height of the Parallelogram

Lesson 6 – Trapeziums

Powerpoint: What are trapeziums

Worksheet: worksheet what is a trapezium

Lesson 7 – Area of Trapeziums

Powerpoint: the area of trapezium

Worksheets: worksheet The area of a trapezuim