Further reading

If you are attending one of our showcase events, or if you would simply like to read further into the Shanghai teaching style, the below articles provide some further insight.

Prior reading for showcase events

1) Lessons from lessons: the teaching and learning of mathematics in East Asia – NCETM

2) Deconstructing Teacher-Centeredness and Student-Centeredness Dichotomy: A Case Study of a Shanghai Mathematics Lesson – Rongjin Huang, Frederick K. S. Leung

3) Characteristics of Mathematics Teaching in Shanghai, China: Through the Lens of a Malaysian – Chap Sam Lim

Suggested further reading

1)  Variation Theory – Mike Askew

2) Teaching with Procedural Variation: A Chinese Way of Promoting Deep Understanding of Mathematics – Mun Yee Lai

3) Variation Theory and the Improvement of Teaching and Learning – Mun Ling Lo

4) Pedagogy and Curriculum Reform in China—From the Angle of One Teacher’s Daily Work – Yanping Fang

5) Creativity and mathematical problem posing: an analysis of high school students’ mathematical problem posing in China and the USA – Xianwei Y. Van Harpen & Bharath Sriraman

Chris Whitehead @CW_Maths

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